Green Road CBD Bath Bomb

According to Grean Road CBD

“You’ve discovered Green Roads’ Indulgence line, a collection of CBD Bath Bomb and essential oils designed to enchant your every sense while supporting your well-being. Sink into that tub, roll the oils on your pressure points. You deserve a treat.”

Relax & unwind with Green Road CBD Bath Bomb

The Green Roads CBD Bath Bomb is the perfect way to feel refreshed and unwind after a long day. This two-bomb set creates soothing foam with 200 mg of pure CBD with 100 mg per bomb. The Refresh bomb contains peppermint and lemon oils. The Unwind contains ylang-ylang oil. These bombs contain no THC.

Green Road CBD bath bombs are careful combinations of cannabinoids and wellness essences that will help you transport yourself away from the stresses of everyday. These big CBD Bath Bomb have approximately 150mg of CBD per bomb.

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